Standards of Conduct:
As a potential business partner or outsourced service provider, please know that all levels of our organization at East West Bank highly prioritize integrity and ethical values. Review our Corporate Philosophy here and Code of Conduct here.
To register as a vendor or outsourced service provider, return this registration form to
East West Bank Vendor Diversity and Inclusion Program:
East West Bank was founded to be the financial bridge for new immigrants to the United States. From the beginning, East West Bank has focused on providing the important financial products, services and social connections needed to turn opportunities into stability, growth and prosperity. Diversity and inclusion have been among the core values of the Bank since its first day and have long been vital to the growth and development of the Bank. We are committed to vendor diversity and encourage Diverse Vendors to register with the East West Bank Vendor Diversity and Inclusion Database (“VDI Database”).
What are the benefits of registering with East West Bank Vendor Diversity and Inclusion Program?
Diverse Vendors who have submitted their profile in our VDI Database and have been vetted will have an opportunity to bid earlier than others. Registered Diverse Vendors may also be invited to information sessions on East West Bank's procurement strategies in the future.
Who is eligible?
If you meet the criteria below and are interested in working with East West Bank as a Diverse Vendor, please fill out the "Diversity Information" section on the Vendor Registration Form.
Direct Diverse Vendors
You are certified as a Diverse Vendor by a national, state or locally-recognized third party certification agency. We work with minority owned, women owned, veteran owned, disabled veteran owned, and LGBT owned businesses as well as diverse small businesses.
Indirect Diverse Vendors
If you are NOT a certified Diverse Vendor but you have a strong Vendor Diversity Program, you are still eligible to work with East West Bank as an Indirect Diverse Vendor. You may submit your Vendor Diversity Program supporting documents to We will review it and approve the application on a case-by-case basis. We look for vendors who share the same commitment to support diversity and inclusion as we do.
For more information, please contact our Third Party Risk Management Team at